Is your child a pencil pusher?

Here is a great article about how today’s kids are relying so much on iPads and other tech tools to write that they are beginning to lose their ability to write effectively. Here is an excerpt: PRIMARY school children are losing their handwriting skills, as touch-screen pinching, swiping and typing and a lack of physical […]

The pen is mightier than the keyboard

Wired magazine has a great article online that compares the efficiency of writing vs typing. Click here to see the results of the little test that was conducted where they compared various text input technologies. The interesting thing is that it’s the keyboard that is fast becoming an icon for obsolete technologies while the pen […]

The end of the line for Cursive?

Here are links to two great articles about the decline of cursive and the impact of this trend. The Case for Cursive (New York Times) The sinuous letters of the cursive alphabet, swirled on countless love letters, credit card slips and banners above elementary school chalk boards are going the way of the quill and […]

How to Prevent Hand Pain from Excessive Writing

Here is excerpt from an interesting article from “Talk to your doctor if you experience pain often or excessively when writing or it doesn’t respond to measures you can take yourself. If most of your writing is for school or work, ask whether accommodations or arrangements can be made. Effective accommodations may be very […]

PenAgain helps child with Fragile X

Here is an inspiring email we received recently; “Just wanted to drop you a quick note. My son Michael is 9 years old and he is blessed to have Fragile X. Its a form of Autism. These pens make it possible for my son to write. They are simply amazing! But you need to have more available where […]