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It’s a slingshot! It’s a rocket!… What is it?

We are so used to using stick shaped pens that when most people see the PenAgain they don’t even know what it is. Is its a slingshot? A toy rocket? A pair of pliers? Sometimes we get used to the wrong thing. If you have any discomfort when you write, try the PenAgain and see […]

Sneak Peek at the Sleek

We are working on a heavy metal version of our design. If the ErgoSleek was any cooler it would come with its own leather jacket 😉 PenAgain’s ErgoSleek has a metal underbody, molded rubber gripping surfaces and custom desktop stand makes it the perfect corporate gift, it’s also great for people who have trouble writing […]

The kids are all write

Let’s make sure the kids are alright. Let’s give them all the tools and all of the help we can to make sure they succeed and excel. The Rockyt Writer makes writing easier by allowing a child to focus on guiding the pencil rather than gripping it. It opens a whole world of educational opportunities […]

Writing with a Twist

The Rockyt Writer is a simple, innovative and fun educational tool that will help your child learn to write more quickly and more effectively. The sooner your child is writing the sooner he can engage in other educational games (spelling, math, etc..) and improve his motor skills along the way. the best part is he […]

Freedom… we demand freedom!

Freedom from pain, discomfort, cramping… Why settle for stick pens? If you feel any discomfort while writing or if writing is painful or difficult try the PenAgain. Stick pens and pencils are literally archaic. They have been around forever because they are easy and cheap to manufacture. How about those expensive “ergonomic” pens that are […]

Reinventing the Pen?

When most people think of innovation they think of silicon valley. They think of software and websites. Throw in some robots and some biotech… that’s our image of innovation. But what about the little things? The forgotten products that we use everyday that no one has given a second thought to in 50 years. If […]

Follow the sign

Stick shaped writing pens and pencils have no regard for the shape of your hand or its condition. They are cheap and easy to manufacture and the fact is they do just fine for most people. But what about all of those people who have trouble gripping conventional pens? Those with carpal tunnel or hand […]

No pain… No pain.

If you suffer from any discomfort, pain or cramping when you write then you owe it to yourself to try the PenAgain. Its ergonomic design is designed to fit into your hand and take advantage of its natural weight instead of relying exclusively on the force of your grip (like conventional pens).