Marketing Support

We provide our distribution team with high-impact promotional material.


1. Site content

All of the content on this site is available to our distributors. If you decide to join our team you will have access to this content and you can customize it to suit your domestic market.

2. Ads

We have a large portfolio of ads that we have designed for the PenAgain. These digital files are available to any member of our network.

3. Postcards

Again, we have designed multiple postcard files which we give to our distributors for their use in their markets.

4. Packaging & Displays

We focus heavily on the point of purchase. We have designed powerful and functional packaging and displays for the PenAgain and the Rockyt Writer.

All the packaging is what we call “try me”. It has a cut out through its center so the consumer can try on the product while its still in its packaging. The ErgoSof display even has a built-in tester and notepad so users can actually get a feel for its ergonomic design.

The displays themselves have detachable headers so our international clients can easily adapt them for the country’s language requirements.

5. International Distributors Guide (IDG)

We provide a CD filled with digital assets for you use as well as a suggested guide on some of the best ways we have found to market the PenAgain line. We don’t just supply a product to you. We work with you. We listen to you. We support you and we give you fresh content and designs to help bolster your promotional efforts.

6. Samples

We support some sampling initiatives as well as charitable donations of product to educational institutions. Getting people to try the PenAgain is where it all starts so we strongly encourage a heavy emphasis on sampling.

7. Publicity

The PenAgain is periodically featured in various magazines and websites. You benefit from this brand building momentum.


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