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Meet Ben and hear how the PenAgain can help him achieve one of his dreams

It’s really humbling to see a seemingly simple innovation have a profound impact on people’s lives. Please click the video to meet Ben and hear how the PenAgain can help him realize his vision of one day being able to draw. If you feel connected to this project and its purpose (to help the people who […]

Do you suffer from EDS?

The Hypermobility Type of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is characterized by loose joints and chronic joint pain. The most common sign of this condition is an unusually large range of joint movement called hypermobility. Both large and small joints are unstable, and certain joints tend to dislocate frequently. People who suffer from EDS have difficulty writing. […]

What does it take for entrepreneurs to break into the nation’s largest retailer? – Wall Street Journal

More than you can imagine. The Wall Street Journal did a 4 part series on the PenAgain and its progress over a period of  several months. To read the full articles click the links below; Part 1. The long road to Walmart Part 2. One month to make it Part 3. Pen Maker’s trial by […]

The difference between wrong and write

Sometimes we get so used to something inefficient that we forget to question it. We have using stick shaped writing instruments since we lived in caves. Is that really the best design for a pen? We don’t think so. A pen should conform to your hand rather than demand that you contort your hand around […]

It’s a slingshot! It’s a rocket!… What is it?

We are so used to using stick shaped pens that when most people see the PenAgain they don’t even know what it is. Is its a slingshot? A toy rocket? A pair of pliers? Sometimes we get used to the wrong thing. If you have any discomfort when you write, try the PenAgain and see […]

Sneak Peek at the Sleek

We are working on a heavy metal version of our design. If the ErgoSleek was any cooler it would come with its own leather jacket 😉 PenAgain’s ErgoSleek has a metal underbody, molded rubber gripping surfaces and custom desktop stand makes it the perfect corporate gift, it’s also great for people who have trouble writing […]

Writing with a Twist

The Rockyt Writer is a simple, innovative and fun educational tool that will help your child learn to write more quickly and more effectively. The sooner your child is writing the sooner he can engage in other educational games (spelling, math, etc..) and improve his motor skills along the way. the best part is he […]

No pain… No pain.

If you suffer from any discomfort, pain or cramping when you write then you owe it to yourself to try the PenAgain. Its ergonomic design is designed to fit into your hand and take advantage of its natural weight instead of relying exclusively on the force of your grip (like conventional pens).