Promotional Pens

You probably have at least a dozen promotional pens in your desk drawer right now. You know the ones with some company’s logo and website printed on them? Your dentist, mechanic, accountant, and even your grocery store gave you their promotional pens.

Custom logoed promotional pens are everywhere. That’s the problem. The market is inundated with them so they have completely lost their impact. They most often get thrown away or stored away, in any case, no one is seeing these promotional pens and they are certainly not having the desired promotional impact.

Companies spend thousands of dollars on these promotional pen campaigns yet receive little in return. They try to use fancier or more novel looking promotional pens to increase the perceived value of the product so that people won’t discard them but it isn’t working.

The promotional pen industry is starving for innovation… well it’s finally here. The PenAgain is a complete reinvention of the pen and the way people write. It’s wishbone shape is both eye-catching and functional and that’s the key to its success as a promotional pen.

It’s distinct, patented design is a surefire conversation starter. It grabs people’s attention and inspires a lot of curiosity, which is key for a promotional pen. People want to hold it and try it because they have never seen anything like it before. Once they do, they see how comfortable it is and then they want to hang on to it.

Using the PenAgain as a promotional pen helps to reaffirm your company’s commitment to innovation. The PenAgain’s design is so visually striking that it is bound to draw attention to itself and your logo.

Those who try the PenAgain tend to use it exclusively thereafter. This will maximize the longevity and visibility of your promotional pen campaign. This makes the PenAgain a cost highly effective promotional pen.

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