Why should you use an ergonomic pen? A better question is why aren’t you using an ergonomic pen. People have been using stick shaped writing instruments since we were literally cavemen. The stick, the plume, the pencil, the ballpoint pen… they are all shaped like a stick. Why is that?

The answer is, unsurprisingly, money. Stick shaped pens are inexpensive, easy to manufacture and they have been around forever so people are used to them regardless of their flaws.

If there was ever an industry that needed a new technology to move it forward from its stalled state the writing instrument industry would be it. Ergonomic pens represent a quantum leap forward from the status-quo.

So what’s the difference between a stick shaped pen and an ergonomic pen? Unlike ergonomic pens, stick shaped pens have no regard for the shape of your hand. Instead, they force you to work around their cylindrical shape and rely heavily on the force of your grip.

All that gripping can become a problem. Tension in the hand muscles can build and lead to writer’s cramp or can aggravate other conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome. After a while gripping a stick shaped pen can become uncomfortable or even painful.

Ergonomic pens are designed to conform to the shape of your hand with an objective of maximizing writing comfort and efficiency. The PenAgain is one of the true pioneers in the ergonomic pen sector.

Unlike conventional pens that rely on the strength of your grip, the PenAgain ergonomic pen has introduced an index finger cradle, which takes advantage of the natural weight of the hand to generate the pressure needed to apply ink to paper.

The PenAgain’s “Y” formation allows your hand to relax and guide it, rather than forcefully grip it, which reduces hand fatigue, making the PenAgain ergonomic pen ideal for those who spend much of their days writing (ie: office workers, students, etc…) as well as those suffering from any form of writer’s cramp.

People who write a lot with stick-shaped pens may develop “writer’s bump”. The PenAgain’s design allows your hand to relax and avoids calluses caused by over-gripping.

The PenAgain is designed to encourage better hand posture and a healthy natural wrist position. As a result, it has won several design awards and was nominated by the Smithsonian institute for its introduction of the ergonomic pen.

You keyboard is probably ergonomic. Your office chair probably ergonomic. Isn’t it time you tried an ergonomic pen? Introducing the PenAgain… the right way to write. For more information or to join our international distribution network please email us.

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