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  • Ergonomic design ensures the proper “tripod” finger position.
  • Kids are drawn to its rocket shaped design and fun galactic colors.
  • Rocket shape takes advantage of the natural weight of the hand rather
    than rely on the child’s ability to grip the pencil.
  • Refillable. Comes with 5 refills (additional refills sold separately).
  • Safe for Scranton test taking (#2 pencil).
  • Simple twist-top mechanism to expose more of the refill.
  • Dual built-in erasers.

“The PenAgain is simply awesome. Take that revolutionary ergonomic design, size it for a child’s hand, and you have a fantastic pencil in the Twist ‘n Write. You don’t hear this often, but the PenAgain can revolutionize the way people write. When you can say that about a product you know it is something special. It is more special when you can put that enhanced control and comfort into the hands of a child just learning to write, or one that is spending hours a day poring over homework. This is essential ergonomic gear for kids.” –


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5.0 out of 5 stars
By Xander and Patrick’s Nana
I was searching for items to try to correct the pencil grip styles of several second and third grade students. We have two special needs children and other kids who have ineffective ways of holding pencils. I thought these looked too silly to work, but ordered them anyway. The kids love them. The kids hold the thing correctly and their hands don’t get too tired. Next year, I will order a classroom full.
5.0 out of 5 stars
By B. Kurylo
These pencils are awesome for my son who is living with PDD (Autism Spectrum). I would recomend them to any one who’s child is in OT (Occupational Therapy), as my son is. He’s unable to fully grip a normal pencil but with the style of the “Twist N’ Write” pencils it has help him write more legablly and he enjoys using them. I have tired them myself and accually enjoy them as well. it makes writing a lot freer, and you don’t find yourself gripping them too hard.
5.0 out of 5 stars
By Amy B. Martin
I bought these pencils as part of a party favor for my 3 year old’s birthday. The kids love them and my son can hold the pencil correctly on his own without me having to continually adjust his grip. I highly recommend these for kids learning to trace lines/write.
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