Tattoo artist says PenAgain has changed the way he works.

I’m writing to share my personal story with the ErgoSof Pen. I have been a tattoo artist for 20 years. This type of work puts a tremendous amount of strain on your hands over the years; it’s a unique type of stress caused by using the tattoo machine for up to 8 hours at a time and by the amount of exertion required to stencil designs on transfer paper. 

My fianc√© (who massages my hands on a nearly nightly basis) was determined to find something that would make stenciling less painful and prevent further damage to my hands. She found PenAgain, and after reading the reviews, ordered me a pack. At first look, I was skeptical. I thought – will I even be able to draw with this strange pen? 

This pen has changed the way I work. I suffer fewer hand cramps from stenciling now, which means my hands have more energy to tattoo! And that’s so important to me as an artist. 

The tattoo world isn’t aware of this innovative pen yet but I’m convinced artists would be very receptive to the design.¬†

Jonny Ocean

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