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Why join the PenAgain distribution network?

How often in your career do you get the opportunity to turn an industry on its ear? The quietly forgotten stick shaped pen that we all take for granted is fundamentally flawed for millions of people who have trouble gripping. There is a great pain out there and the PenAgain is the “painkiller”.

It’s true that writing is a declining art… except in 2 sectors… The very young who need to learn to write and the elderly who have grown accustomed to writing all of their lives and now need an instrument that will help them continue to do so.

Do you see the opportunity here to become the go-to brand for the people who truly need our product?

How about the future of writing… clearly it will be on tablets. In fact writing on tablets may replace typing. Now would an innovative rocket shaped design lend itself well to the cutting edge of writing technology? We think so. How about you?

  • Market Proven.
    Developed and refined since 2002 the PenAgain has sold millions of units worldwide to its loyal and growing following. Look online and you will see the customer reviews. This product addresses an urgent need of its users. It’s a “painkiller”. 
  • An aging population needs ergonomic writing tools.
    As the world’s population ages, the demand for ergonomic writing instruments that effectively address the symptoms associated with the loss of hand strength and mobility increases. The PenAgain is a leading brand in this sector and has received many accolades for its performance for those who suffer from Writer’s Cramp, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Repetitive Stress Injuries, Arthritis and Parkinson’s.
  • There are millions of kids of there who NEED the Rockyt Writer
    The Rockyt Writer may look like a toy, which is why kids love it, but in fact it’s a very powerful educational tool. It’s patented design meets a the needs of children with special needs who are having difficulty writing.
  • Ergonomics is the fastest growing market segment.
    The ergonomic sector is the fastest growing market segment in the writing instrument industry. The PenAgain is a leader in this sector and is one of the most recognized and highly regarded brands leading this new wave of design innovation.
  • Helps to differentiate your company.
    Offering a unique product such as the PenAgain helps to brand your company as one that introduces real innovation to the marketplace.
  • Attention grabber.
    The PenAgain has the amazing ability to draw attention to itself and your company. This has a great value at tradeshows and other forums where clients crowd around unique and innovative products.
  • Award Winner.
    The PenAgain has won several awards and was nominated by the Smithsonian institute for its reinvention of the pen.
  • Media Exposure and buzz.
    The PenAgain has been featured in dozens of major magazines and TV shows as one the most significant writing instrument innovations of the last century.
  • Customer Support
    At Propel-r we pride ourselves on supporting our distributors by being responsive to their requests and providing marketing resources such as images, videos, and ads as well as samples that can be used in the development of various promotional programs (ie: website, tradeshows, publicity, etc…).

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