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PenAgain helps woman with Fibromyalgia

I would like to thank you for opening up my options and feeling normal again! I’m nearly 57 and over the years have progressively lost the use of my hands due to chronic neuropathy and fibromyalgia -I had a thriving business and had to give it all up purely due not being able to hold […]

The Stocking Stuffer that is just write

The Rockyt Writer makes the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s cool, fun, small, inexpensive, unique, educational, playful, etc… kids think its an arts and crafts toy and parents love it because it can really help their kids’ handwriting skills develop. The ErgoSof Pen by PenAgain is also a great stocking stuffer for the loved one who […]

The PenAgain reviewed on “the Knack”

Here is an excerpt; One of the best finds I’ve ever come across is the PenAgain. As a sufferer from writer’s cramp (in fact, that’s the name of my freelance writing business) and carpal tunnel syndrome, my handwriting over the years has gone from not so bad to barely legible. Even my Mom can’t read what I’ve […]

Writing with HNPP

Here is an email from a mother of child who suffers from a condition called HNPP. “My daughter has a condition called Hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP). In order to avoid making her hand go numb, she has to keep it off the page when writing. Your PenAgain is helping her do […]

Look out pain. Here comes the PenAgain.

The PenAgain truly is a painkiller for people who suffer from a wide variety of conditions that affect their hands. From people with writer’s cramp, to those who have recently undergone hand surgery, to Arthritis sufferers… Now they have a tool that can help them write pain-free. Check out our latest ad called “Painkillers”

Please hold (correctly)

The last time anyone gave you instructions on how to hold a pen you were probably five years old 😉 However, the PenAgain’s design is so radically different that it requires a few pointers and it takes a bit of getting used to (especially after decades of holding conventional pens). When I say pointers I […]

Introduciendo el PenAgain… reescribe tu futuro.

El diseño patentado del PenAgain ha sido llamado la innovacion mas grande de la Industria del instrumento de la escritura desde que el boligrafo substituyo la canilla.  Su inventor, Colin Roche penso la idea mientras jugaba con una pluma flexible en detencion en la secundaria. No como las plumas convencionales que se confian en la fuerza de […]

Voici le PenAgain. Réécrivez votre futur.

La forme brevetée du PenAgain, est considérée comme la plus grande innovation dans le monde du stylo depuis que la bille remplaça la plume. Son inventeur, Colin Roche, a eu l’idée en jouant avec un stylo- jouet pendant une heure de punition au lycée. Par opposition au stylo conventionnel se basant sur la force de […]