Rockyt Writer Pencil

Many children have difficulty learning to write. Their fine motor skills may not be keeping up with their desire to learn. Some children resort to using the “caveman” grip on a pencil which can slow the child’s educational progress at the most critical time in their development.

PenAgain’s Rockyt Writer pencil takes advantage of the natural weight of the hand rather than rely on the child’s ability to grip the pencil. This simplifies the writing process by allowing kids to focus on guiding the pencil instead of forcefully gripping it. This is especially helpful for children with fine motor skill issues as well as kids with special needs such as children on the Autism spectrum or those with ADD, ADHD, ASD etc…

The Rockyt Writer’s cool, ergonomic, rocket shape is easy to hold and even easier to use. Its large gripping surfaces ensure that a child assumes the correct “tripod grip” taught in schools.

Parents, teachers and occupational therapists love the Rockyt Writer because it’s a simple, innovative, educational tool that accelerates how quickly kids learn to write and improves their handwriting skills. Just as importantly, kids are drawn to it because of its playfulness and ease of use. It makes learning the right way to write a blast!



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