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Fair fight?

The PenAgain’s patented design helps thousands of people suffering from a wide range of disabilities or simple writing discomfort. Why settle for stick pens? If you feel any discomfort while writing or if writing is painful or difficult try the PenAgain. Stick pens and pencils are literally archaic. They have been around forever because they […]

Show the world who you are

Are you stick or a rocket? Is the status quo just fine or does the world need real change? Are you OK using designs that were developed centuries ago or do seek out innovation anywhere you can find it? Using the PenAgain sends a clear message “I value design. I value how a little thing […]

Sneak Peek at the Sleek

We are working on a heavy metal version of our design. If the ErgoSleek was any cooler it would come with its own leather jacket šŸ˜‰ PenAgain’s ErgoSleek has a metal underbody, molded rubber gripping surfaces and custom desktop stand makes it the perfect corporate gift, it’s also great for people who have trouble writing […]

Picking the Perfect Promotional Pen

You probably have at least a dozenĀ promotional pensĀ in your desk drawer right now. You know the ones with some companyā€™s logo and website printed on them? Your dentist, mechanic, accountant, and even your grocery store gave you their promotional pens. Custom logoedĀ promotional pensĀ are everywhere. Thatā€™s the problem. The market is inundated with them so they […]

The PenAgain’s new display

The new point of purchase display for the ErgoSof will hold 24 ErgoSofs (12 Red and 12 Blue) plus an ErgoSof tester on a chain with a notepad so you can ā€œtest driveā€ the ErgoSof instore and get a feel for its revolutionary design. If you interested in joining PenAgain’s international distribution network please email […]

The PenAgain’s new packaging

Here is a sneek peak of the new packaging we are working on for the Ergosof by PenAgain. Notice the hole in the center of the blistercard. That allows you to hold the PenAgain in your hand while itā€™s still in its packaging at the store so you can get a sense of its ergonomic […]


Why should you use anĀ ergonomic pen? A better question is why arenā€™t you using an ergonomic pen. People have been using stick shaped writing instruments since we were literally cavemen. The stick, the plume, the pencil, the ballpoint penā€¦ they are all shaped like a stick. Why is that? The answer is, unsurprisingly, money. Stick […]