Please hold (correctly)

The last time anyone gave you instructions on how to hold a pen you were probably five years old šŸ˜‰ However, the PenAgain’s design is so radically different that it requires a few pointers and it takes a bit of getting used to (especially after decades of holding conventional pens).

When I say pointers I mean it literally. The most important first step in holding the PenAgain correctly is to simply point with your index finger. Don’t try to hold its lower half like a regular pen (we see this all the time).

Place the PenAgain so that its rear arc straddles your index finger.

Make sure that your index finger rests flat on the indented gripping surface (NOT on the side of the PenAgain where the button is located).

Place your thumb on one gripping surface and your middle Ā finger on the other.

Now relax and guide the PenAgain with your whole arm. No need to grip the PenAgain forcefully. It is ergonomically designed to fit within your hand and take advantage of the natural weight of your hand as opposed to conventional pens that rely on the force of your grip.

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