The Stocking Stuffer that is just write

The Rockyt Writer makes the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s cool, fun, small, inexpensive, unique, educational, playful, etc… kids think its an arts and crafts toy and parents love it because it can really help their kids’ handwriting skills develop.

The ErgoSof Pen by PenAgain is also a great stocking stuffer for the loved one who just has to have that cool and unique technology or design. They love conversation pieces and the PenAgain is just that.

Who else loves the PenAgain as a gift? Lawyers, students and office workers that write a lot. They are always happy to try new designs that will make writing more comfortable.

The whole PenAgain line also makes the perfect gift for anyone (young or old) that experiences pain or has difficulty writing. It can literally be a game-changer for them.

Happy Holidays from all of us at PenAgain!

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