Is your child a pencil pusher?

Here is a great article about how today’s kids are relying so much on iPads and other tech tools to write that they are beginning to lose their ability to write effectively. Here is an excerpt:

PRIMARY school children are losing their handwriting skills, as touch-screen pinching, swiping and typing and a lack of physical exercise leaves them with underdeveloped arm and hand muscles.

Teachers have warned a growing number of children will perform poorly in the upcoming May 14 NAPLAN tests, because their reliance on technology and sedentary lifestyles mean they lack the arm strength and skills to write answers quickly and concisely. Read more...

The harder it is is for such children to write with a stick shaped pencil (due to lack of grip strength development) the greater a tool the Rockyt Writer will be for them.

Never underestimate the cognitive importance of writing. It remains a central form of expression and a gateway to most forms of education.

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