Does your child act like a “caveman”?

Writing and learning go hand in hand which is why writing is often referred to as a gateway process. The earlier a child learns to write, the earlier that child will likely start to spell, read and expand his vocabulary etc… A child can build valuable educational momentum at this critical stage, which can set the tone for his pivotal, formative years.

Many children have difficulty learning to write. Their fine motor skills may not be keeping up with their desire to learn and progress academically. This can be very frustrating for a child and can affect their enjoyment of the learning process. Often times children resort to using unconventional ways to grip a pencil to compensate for their still-developing fine motor skills.

The “caveman” grip is one example (ie: the pencil is placed in the center of the palm and a fist if formed around it). Once that habit is formed it becomes very difficult to break and subsequently transition to the proper “tripod” finger position (ie: thumb, index and middle finger grasp). The “caveman” grip can slow the child’s educational progress and create a negative association with the writing/learning process as he is constantly pushed to change his grip on the pencil to one that he finds dramatically more difficult.

The Rockyt Writer has been called one of the most significant breakthroughs in writing instrument design for children. This version of the award winning PenAgain design is sized specifically for children and, like all PenAgain products, it takes advantage of the natural weight of the hand rather than rely on the child’s ability to grip the pencil. This simplifies the writing process by focusing the child on guiding the pencil instead of forcefully gripping the pencil.

Occupational Therapists, teachers and parents have hailed the Rockyt Writer as particularly helpful for children with weak fine motor skills, ADHD, ADD, Autism, Down Syndrome, and Juvenile Arthritis.

The Rockyt Writer takes the potential frustration out of learning to write and replaces it with a fun and highly effective tool that increases the child’s ability to adopt the proper writing form sooner than had he used a conventional pencil. Once the child has mastered the tripod grip he can use conventional writing instruments easily. In this way, the Rockyt Writer can used as atransitional tool simply used to establish the proper tripod grip.

Kids are drawn to its rocket-ship design, vibrant colors and built-in dual erasers. Just twist the top and the refill comes forward. Its rocket shape and large tripod grip surfaces ensure that the child will assume the correct “tripod grip” taught in schools. The Rockyt Writer is refillable and comes with 5 refills (additional refills sold separately) so it offers great value given its longevity.

If learning to write is a gateway process then the Rockyt Writer is its key. Give your child the key to his brightest future and make learning to write a blast!

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