Like to take notes the old-fashioned way? – Doctor’s Review Magazine

FOR OLD SCHOOL DOCS. Like to take notes the old-fashioned way? Consider getting your hands on a PenAgain. An alternative to the ballpoint, which requires a firm grip and firm pressure to properly write, the rocket-shaped PenAgain works via its ergonomic index-finger cradle that “draws on” the natural weight of your hand to put ink to paper. Force really isn’t required — after all, you’re to hold the pen almost upright, with your index finger just sort of resting in the wishbone or “Y” — so your hand won’t cramp as quickly, if at all. Learning anything new requires time, but the curve is fast, especially if you watch their online “How-to” video first. We preferred the heavier ErgoSleek, which comes with a couple of refills and a stand. There’s also a kid pencil version — the Twist ‘n Write — that promises to prevent the “caveman grip” among kids with weak or underdeveloped motor skills. To view the article online click here. 

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