The Stocking Stuffer that is just write

The Rockyt Writer makes the perfect stocking stuffer. It’s cool, fun, small, inexpensive, unique, educational, playful, etc… kids think its an arts and crafts toy and parents love it because it can really help their kids’ handwriting skills develop. The ErgoSof Pen by PenAgain is also a great stocking stuffer for the loved one who […]

How to Prevent Hand Pain from Excessive Writing

Here is excerpt from an interesting article from “Talk to your doctor if you experience pain often or excessively when writing or it doesn’t respond to measures you can take yourself. If most of your writing is for school or work, ask whether accommodations or arrangements can be made. Effective accommodations may be very […]

PenAgain helps child with Fragile X

Here is an inspiring email we received recently; “Just wanted to drop you a quick note. My son Michael is 9 years old and he is blessed to have Fragile X. Its a form of Autism. These pens make it possible for my son to write. They are simply amazing! But you need to have more available where […]

The first word she could write…

This email kind of blew us away. We just had to share it. “I just wanted to pass along the first written word my daughter (she suffers from a learning disability) wrote. She wrote it today and it made our day!!! I thought you would like to knowthat she was able to do so by […]

The PenAgain reviewed on “the Knack”

Here is an excerpt; One of the best finds I’ve ever come across is the PenAgain. As a sufferer from writer’s cramp (in fact, that’s the name of my freelance writing business) and carpal tunnel syndrome, my handwriting over the years has gone from not so bad to barely legible. Even my Mom can’t read what I’ve […]

Writing with HNPP

Here is an email from a mother of child who suffers from a condition called HNPP. “My daughter has a condition called Hereditary neuropathy with liability to pressure palsies (HNPP). In order to avoid making her hand go numb, she has to keep it off the page when writing. Your PenAgain is helping her do […]

Look out pain. Here comes the PenAgain.

The PenAgain truly is a painkiller for people who suffer from a wide variety of conditions that affect their hands. From people with writer’s cramp, to those who have recently undergone hand surgery, to Arthritis sufferers… Now they have a tool that can help them write pain-free. Check out our latest ad called “Painkillers”

That Rockyt Writer can sing!

We wrote a little tune about our fun and functional Rockyt Writer kids pencil. It goes like this; With ordinary pencils your fingers can slip. Check me out, I look like a rocket-ship. My cool shape makes sure you’ve got the right grip. I’ve got built-in erasers in each hip. Are you ready to write? […]

Looking for support?

The PenAgain acts like a crutch for your hand and by doing so taps its natural weight. This allows you to focus on guiding rather than gripping and avoids all of the pain triggers that are associated with conventional pens.