Introduciendo el PenAgain… reescribe tu futuro.

El diseño patentado del PenAgain ha sido llamado la innovacion mas grande de la Industria del instrumento de la escritura desde que el boligrafo substituyo la canilla.  Su inventor, Colin Roche penso la idea mientras jugaba con una pluma flexible en detencion en la secundaria. No como las plumas convencionales que se confian en la fuerza de […]

Voici le PenAgain. Réécrivez votre futur.

La forme brevetée du PenAgain, est considérée comme la plus grande innovation dans le monde du stylo depuis que la bille remplaça la plume. Son inventeur, Colin Roche, a eu l’idée en jouant avec un stylo- jouet pendant une heure de punition au lycée. Par opposition au stylo conventionnel se basant sur la force de […]

Meet Ben and hear how the PenAgain can help him achieve one of his dreams

It’s really humbling to see a seemingly simple innovation have a profound impact on people’s lives. Please click the video to meet Ben and hear how the PenAgain can help him realize his vision of one day being able to draw. If you feel connected to this project and its purpose (to help the people who […]

Do you suffer from EDS?

The Hypermobility Type of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS) is characterized by loose joints and chronic joint pain. The most common sign of this condition is an unusually large range of joint movement called hypermobility. Both large and small joints are unstable, and certain joints tend to dislocate frequently. People who suffer from EDS have difficulty writing. […]

Like to take notes the old-fashioned way? – Doctor’s Review Magazine

FOR OLD SCHOOL DOCS. Like to take notes the old-fashioned way? Consider getting your hands on a PenAgain. An alternative to the ballpoint, which requires a firm grip and firm pressure to properly write, the rocket-shaped PenAgain works via its ergonomic index-finger cradle that “draws on” the natural weight of your hand to put ink […]

What does it take for entrepreneurs to break into the nation’s largest retailer? – Wall Street Journal

More than you can imagine. The Wall Street Journal did a 4 part series on the PenAgain and its progress over a period of  several months. To read the full articles click the links below; Part 1. The long road to Walmart Part 2. One month to make it Part 3. Pen Maker’s trial by […]

Hot Product of the Year Winner – Retailing Today

Pacific Writing Instruments brought genuine innovation to the writing instrument category six years ago with the introduction of the wishbone-shaped PenAgain. However, it wasn’t until last year that the quirky looking PenAgain gained mainstream appeal and sales took off with distribution agreements at Wal-Mart and Office Depot. Since then additional placement was secured in Staples, […]

A radical redesign of one of the most ordinary objects in the world –

THE WRITE STUFF. The PenAgain is radical redesign of one of the most ordinary objects in the world — until you write with it. See, conventional pens and pencils require you to do all kinds of gripping with muscles that were never built for the strain. PenAgain changes your leverage points so you can use […]