The PenAgain makes writing comfortable and fun for little hands – Parents Magazine

MAKE WRITING EASIER. The easy-to-use Twist ‘n Write pencil from PenAgain was designed to encourage young children to use the proper pencil grip, and it also makes writing comfortable and fun for little hands. Parents, teachers and occupational therapists also report that the ergonomic rocket-ship design is especially helpful for kids with weak motor skills, […]

Time to shine

“Why didn’t I think of that?” That is usually what people say once they hear or a great idea. It seems so obvious. Why write with a stick? Why not create an ergonomic design that is made to sit within the contours of your hand so you can guide it rather than grip it forcefully? […]

Adrian!… Adrian!

It’s a fight alright. People are so used to using stick shaped pens that it never occurred to them that a better design may exists. Why pay more for an ergonomic pen like the PenAgain? If you suffer from any discomfort or pain when you write then try the PenAgain and you will quickly see […]

Are you a stickman?

Why do we use stick shaped pens? The answer can be found by following the old detective’s motto “follow the money”. Stickpens are easy and cheap to manufacture. The truth is, the human hand is pretty versatile so it can conform to a variety of shapes but why should it (especially if you fell pain […]

Write on! Blast off!

It looks like a rocket which makes sense since it’s a complete departure from the everything we are used to. The PenAgain’s design has been nominated by the Smithsonian for its groundbreaking reinvention of the pen. It is more than just a beautiful design… it’s functional. Stress free writing for people who suffer any discomfort […]

Stuck with sticks?

In the last thousand years, has there been any real innovation in the design of the pen? We don’t see any. Sure inks have improved. Ink delivery systems too but what about the very shape of the instrument. If you were to design the most comfortable pen ever would it be a stick? The PenAgain […]